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    Apr 4, 2003, 07:58 AM
    :o I have always wondered when snakes in my area come out of hybernation. I have many leaves to clean up & have been scared by lizards & snakes enough! I live in Bangor, Pa. Can someone answer my question?
    Thank you for your time with this request!
    Wendy ;D ;D ;D ;D
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    Jun 6, 2003, 09:00 PM
    Well, the good news is that there are eighteen species of nonvenomous snakes in PA while there are only three of venomous ones. The venomous ones can be recognized by their eliptical eyes and a small pit between nose and eye. But I personally wouldn't stay around long enough to examine the animal. By that time it might have bit.

    Here are two very informative sites:

    The Snakes of Penn's Woods -... There are 19 nonvenomous and. Three venomous snake species in Pennsylvania. All Pennsylvania native venomous snakes possess... Nonvenomous Pennsylvania snakes...

    Coming out of hybernation varies with the species.

    Endangered and Threatened Species of Pennsylvania -... HISTORY: This species emerges from hibernation in late... FOR BEING ENDANGERED: Kirtland's snake continues to... Elusive species, with most Pennsylvania records from...

    WRCF - Kirtland's Snake - This species emerges from hibernation in late... -

    On the slither scene -... In spring and the last to enter hibernation in fall... Known snake is the northern water snake, which seldom... Water moccasins, the latter not a Pennsylvania resident...,4202498.story

    Jack Hubley -... Of deer and turkey hunters, Pennsylvania's snake hunting fraternity...
    Here in Pennsylvania, rattlers live on the ragged... To spend half their lives in hibernation...

    Wildlife -... Currently there are 8 turtle, 3 snake, 2 toad, and 6 frog... Species is the first one to emerge from hibernation, often in... An endangered species in Pennsylvania...

    Transvestite Snake - -... In the red-sided garter snake, which is... After months of hibernation, male snakes will...

    030041 Snake, northern brown -... Hibernation sites include ant mounds and abandoned rodent burrows... The population ecology of this snake has been... A 2 hectare field in Pennsylvania.*10760* Thorp...
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    May 27, 2013, 10:23 AM
    They will come out in warm weather😏😏😏

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