We have a 3 yr old, seemingly healthy, Bengal Tiger cat who walks in circles occasionally. For no apparent reason he looks over his shoulder and walks in a circle. I have picked him up when he starts and he remains calm. When I put him down he starts to circle again. It lasts 30 seconds or so and then he is fine. He has been eating the same food, indoor formula cat chow, since he was old enough for adult food. Occasionally he gets a little soft food as a treat. He throws up once a month or so but our indoor cats do that sometimes. He started turning in circles a couple of months ago or so. He may do it while we are gone but we have only seen it four times or so. It seems like he always turns the same direction but we are unsure about that. He has been given a clean bill of health from the vet. He is an active cat, not overweight or any other problems.
Should we be concerned? Any advice?
Thank you in advance for any responses.