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    Dec 10, 2008, 11:31 PM
    Written up at work? Im so CONFUSED!
    I am a server and my manager made a list of what tables all the servers had. I was with my friend and took the list down to look at it and forgot to put it back up. My manager was looking for it and I told him I took it down and gave it to him, he was ticked off, and I couldn't believe over something so meek. Since that night he hasn't talked to me and my friend since, I ignored it but knew it was because of that incident.

    Well here's where it gets terrible for me. Today, two weeks later, my manager comes up to me and hands me papers to sign. I look down at it and read it and it says "Marissa has taken and hid the schedule from so and so date on purpose" something along those lines. It was a written warning and he expected me to sign it! I had never been so insulted in my entire life, I threw the papers back at him and in an angry tone said "I'm not signing those." I walked out of my job telling my friend I quit.

    Why the heck did I get a warning for something stupid that I didn't even do? I didn't even get a verbal warning before hand. Am I wrong for walking out? I was just so insulted that my manager would write me up for something like taking down a paper with tables drawn on it and forgetting to put it back up!!
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    Dec 11, 2008, 12:31 PM
    Quote Originally Posted by white-rose View Post
    I was with my friend and took the list down to look at it and forgot to put it back up. My manager was looking for it and I told him I took it down and gave it to him, he was ticked off,
    This does sound like something minor to write you up about.

    But I am just a little confused. You say you forgot to put it back up, which sounds like you still had it. Then you say you gave it back to your manager.

    Regardless, you should have expressed your feelings in a mature manner before walking out. You could have prevented the write up by telling him how you feel and he could have come around.

    Now, you may have just lost your job.
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    Dec 12, 2008, 05:13 PM

    You could have refused to sign the letter and spoke to the owner of the restaurant about it.
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    Dec 17, 2008, 05:20 AM


    Is it too late to talk to the owner?

    The words in the form were not true. It is natural to feel insulted but think about this, if I tell you,"Hey you have 3 legs" ( something totally untrue) and laugh at you, would you get angry with me? You would be totally cool and think I am mad

    That is how we have to need to handle people who say things which are not true.

    He is another employee like you, there is no need to walk away.

    You can check back ( if you feel like) and take your job back. You did nothing wrong

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    Jan 31, 2009, 12:20 AM
    Hope you're still there White Rose...
    Is there another reason why your manager may have done this to you? I understand why someone would tell you to think first before acting. I also understand that at the very moment, it was an impulse. Others will disagree. What I mean by that is not everyone practices what they preach. Someone will swear that they would do such and such in a given situation but so many factors could be involved. That person may not do "such and such". You don't always know what you would do until you are really in that exact situation or in someone else's shoes.

    I believe if he hasn't fired you by now or has gotten you fired, he's looking for a reason to. Even though others will tell you that you went about things the wrong way, so did your manager. I hope you'll post to let us know what happened. I hate to see people get messed around with. You sound young?? If so, be prepared because life is full of lots and lots of unfair things. You're going to have the usual highs and lows. You're going to get hurt and I hope not too much. If people are even the slightest bit jealous of you, they will try to bleep you over. You will see in your life the many things that people will get away with but know what? You can rise above it all and keep getting stronger and stronger. Know that the people who hurt you are already hurting so much themselves therefore you need not do anything to "get them back" if you will. It may be tempting but believe me, once you remove yourself from these types of people, if possible, you will see that they will indeed re-route their misery onto someone else and you get to remain HEALTHY.

    Best to you always!! And do tell what happened...

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