I've been intrested in my boss for 4 months. I have given him a lot compliments. I asked him last week if he would have lunch with me at my house and he said "I'll get in trouble".
Yesterday I asked him after work if he wanted to go out for pizza and he said he had to get home ( he's married with 2 kids but he took off his wedding ring n Jan.)

Well today I told him I was attracted to him and if I have offended him or made him feel unconfortable with me asking him out I wanted to apologize.. becuse I didn't want to get in trouble or make this a harassment issue. He said " no i am not offended nor do you make me feel unconfortable.. he said you have nothing to worry about ..I am not like that".. My question is do you think he likes me too and is too afraid to say? And if so do you think I should make anthr move and tell him , I won't tell anybody at the job if doesn't. Should I tell him we can have a discreet relationship!! Please help with your answers.