I've been working at my place of employment for about two years now--I started at age 17 and am now 19. Every other week I work with a man that is about 50 years of age. In the last 4-5 months I've noticed that this coworker seems to really like me. I believe he is physically attracted to me and it makes me sick. I have quite a list of things that he does that are inappropriate in my eyes.

He says "You look beautiful" nearly every time I see him--even when I know I'm not looking the best!

Another thing that this man does is ask a lot of personal questions--I never really noticed it, but he's really in my business. For example, I told him I would be going away for college in about a year--he asked "Will you live there?" "Did you look at any colleges that were closer?" "I'll miss you—everyone here will miss you".

Another thing that he does that has gradually annoyed me is constantly talking me up--"She's the best, forget the rest" "I couldn't have done that without you" “You do everything right” . His talking me up is irritating and overdone.

Another occasion: when no one was around he made a gesture to give me a hug and I didn’t know how to turn him down. I gave him a sort of stiff uncomfortable hug and he was delighted--when we parted ways for the day he said "I needed that hug".

I usually wear flip flops at work, and he will occasionally make a comment on my painted toenails—“They look nice”…he’s even commented on painted fingernails.

Another occasion happened just recently. The weather is warming up and my coworker said "Have you had the chance to wear a dress or shorts?"

The most recent thing he's been doing is purposefully touching/feeling my hand. I handed him a piece of paper today and his touch nearly made me sick—he had an entire piece of paper to grab but chose to touch my hand that was at the bottom of the page.

Why is he doing this? I've never given him the notion that I have feelings for him. I feel so uncomfortable and can hardly stand the sight of him. I’m on my toes because I am alone with him for a short period each time I work with him.

I feel I'm such a nice and kind person that has a hard time calling people out. How do I tell him to stop touching me/making me uncomfortable?