Some coworkers and I all went out for a friends birthday. My best friend at work and I drank a lot and I ended up taking her to my place. When I took her to my bed She was very reluctant and I was semi persistent at what I wanted at that moment. I asked her if she wanted me to stop she then took me forcefully and we made out and messed around, didn't have sex, but pretty much did everything else. I also confessed to her that I have feelings for her. After a great night and some great conversations, that day is over and tomorrow is Monday. Right now I'm a bit sick to my stomach I don't want things to be awkward and I want some more of what I got last night I have no clue how to approach this situation, I have liked this girl for a while and now its all out there only thing now is that I'm still not sure how she feels, she's been in a long distance relationship for the last year so my main questions are How do I approach her tomorrow, how can I get her to open up to me and why she took the initiative after I said I would stop?