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    Apr 28, 2008, 08:55 AM
    How Do I Resign
    I have been working in a bank for almost a year. It has been by far the worst experience of my life, I have encountered racism, victimisation, harsh and unfair criticism and double standards apply to me and not my colleagues. It is apparent to everyone apart from management!

    I was put on a Action Contract, after ten months even though my probabation period was due at 6 months. This was due to their lack of organisation.

    Ever since I have worked there I have become ill, I can't sleep, I frequently vomit am dizzy and have lost weight.

    Last week my father who is abroad had a heart attack and I immediately left to visit him as I am his only family. I immediately emailed work and explained the situation, followed up by a call where I left message (due to time difference). I am in hospital nearly 12 hours and am staying with friends and haven't taken my mobile. I opened my email account a couple of days ago and found maybe 20 threatening emails from my boss and his boss. I spoke to my mum in London and she said that they had sent letters, and bombarded my mobile with calls. My mum had spoken to them to say I haven't taken my phone and that I am not very well myself. I today find out they have come to my house. In every correspondence they have put you must call us regardless of time or day. I am not in a position where I feel comfortable talking to them, especially as I am so emotional at the moment.

    I want to resign and would like not to talk to them as I know they will be childish as usual and start screaming and shouting. Which is the last thing I need at the moment. Is it OK to send an email or registered post, a resignation letter. Or should I call and take their abuse to finish by saying I resign. I have tried to be as neutral as possible and want to leave on nice terms.
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    Apr 28, 2008, 09:07 AM
    Sounds like a tough situation. The main thing right now, is to leave on peaceful terms. Always give 2-4 weeks notice, in writing. This tells new employers you have respect for their organization.
    Since you claim harassment, racism, etc, you may want to contact the proper authorities to report them so they don't do it to any one else.
    Good luck and my best to your family.
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    Apr 28, 2008, 09:24 AM
    Hello Callughan,

    I was very disturbed to read your question and feel it is despicable and heartless the way your employers are treating you.

    I can also understand why you wish to leave without having to return to the bank and tender your resignation in person.

    There is no reason why you cannot contact them by letter or email and resign, giving your statutory notice period. If you do this please make sure the management know your reasons for wishing to leave, including the fact that you have been bombarded by nasty emails from your employers because you had to rush to your fathers bedside because of his illness and the fact that you have become ill due to the way they have treated you whilst in their employ.

    Please also ensure you keep all the emails and other communications you have received from them together with those you have sent or do send in the future.

    If these emails are coming from the branch of the bank you work in and not from their head office, I would be inclined to contact the personnel department of their head office before deciding to leave. Their HO may not know what is going on and if not will probably want to investigate the issue.

    You do not say which country you reside and work in but I get the impression it is in England. If so the laws protecting employees are very good.

    Unfortunately in most cases to be able to use those laws you have to be employed for at least one year.

    If you do live and work in England may I suggest you contact ACAS (The Advisory Conciliation and Arbitration Service).

    This is an independent Government body which is a free service who give advice and help to protect both employers, but more importantly employees experiencing unfair and illegal practices by their employers.

    If you can stick it out until you have completed your year you will possibly be entitled to resign from your employment and make a claim for Constructive Dismissal against the bank.

    A claim of Constructive Dismissal is available to employees who have been treated badly, unfairly and/or illegally by their employers.

    However you cannot simply leave and make a claim. You must draw your employers attention to the fact that you feel you have been treated badly, unfairly, or your employers have acted illegally toward you. You must give them the opportunity to rectify the problem.

    If they do not or refuse to, you can leave their employ and make a Constructive Dismissal claim to an Industrial Tribunal.

    If, after you have completed your year and you draw their attention to what has been happening and ask them to investigate and resolve the problem, but they simply dismiss you, you may have a claim for Unfair Dismissal, which means your employers acted unfairly or illegally in dismissing you.

    Before giving your notice please contact ACAS, when of course you return to England and get their advice.

    The link to ACAS is:

    Acas - How can we help?

    Unfortunately ACAS does not accept emails so you will need to write or phone them.

    Good luck and I sincerely hope your father is on the mend.

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    Apr 28, 2008, 09:41 AM
    Thanks Poseidon. I have spoken to HR before about the treatment I have received and they are limited to what they could do, apart from me making a formal complaint against the said individuals. This option would intensive the situation as we work in small teams for projects. I work in the UK, HO but am in LA at the moment. I have never experienced or seen anything like this in my life, I think it is because I am the only foreigner and am the youngest in the division, yet most educated? Regardless especially after how my dad is life is too short I did everything I could whilst at work now its time to leave. I will speak to ACAS when I get back. Cheers
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    Apr 28, 2008, 10:34 AM
    Should I mention that I felt disrespected in my resignation letter or just keep it simple?
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    Apr 28, 2008, 12:11 PM
    Hello again Hello Callughan,

    Thanks for your other posts which filled in the picture somewhat.

    I have in fact just edited my initial reply to your question so perhaps you could have another look at it.

    The reason I know so much about the law about employer and employee relations is because I used to work for the Industrial Tribunals and have had a lot of contact with ACAS and have seen and dealt with quite a few problems with employees who have had very similar experiences.

    I was wondering how long you have actually been with the bank and if you can stick it out until your year is out.

    If you do and then ask them to resolve the problems you are experiencing at the moment, either they do just that or you have every right to leave and make a claim for Constructive Dismissal.

    Even if, as has happened, they do improve but that improvement is short lived, you can inform them that they have 'slipped back into their old ways' and ask them to mend their ways again.

    If you do decide to stay until your year is up and you do ask them to resolve the issues you have with them, make sure you tell them that if they don't, you will reluctantly have no alternative to resign.

    Personally I am a stubborn character and if it was me and I had almost completed my year, I would stick it out.

    If you do this your bargaining position would be far greater because you could get a reasonable amount of compensation from them if you won your case (if it came to that of course) and your employers are leaving themselves open to some adverse publicity from the media.

    By all means use the fact that you feel your contribution to the bank has not been respected and all the other reasons you feel you must resign. If you do finally decide to resign.

    You have also said you feel that you are being treated the way you are because you are the only foreigner working in the office.

    If this is the case there are other laws to protect you against this also.

    ACAS may be able to help and advise on this also but if not your local CAB (Citizens Advice Bureau undoubtedly will.



    Thankfully there are not that many companies in the UK who treat their employees the way this bank appears to be treating you.

    I only hope I don't bank with them (LoL).

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    May 7, 2008, 12:07 PM
    Thanks for your advice. I resigned and feel good about it:)
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    May 12, 2008, 08:03 AM
    Would it be a good ida to write to the CEO constructively and give her feedback on the issues the department has? I feel it will only make my life even more difficult in terms of future references and that they will not take any notice as they are all chums?

    Thank you in Advance.

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