Hello, I'm a 40 yr old male and I work for a company in the shipping and receiving department.As of now I'm 2 months shy of 2 yrs with the company.I feel I'm being weeded out because, of my age .I feel the company is looking for younger 18 yr olds to take my place cause,18 yr olds will move faster.I hear remarks from other employees as well as my supervisor as "I hear you want to move to a defferent department!"I reply I never said that!
I'm the oldest employee in my department all others are in the age level of 18-22.I feel that I was first hired because at the time they really needed someone fast because the company at the time was swomped with orders in the hopping time of the yr.
Now this coming yr the company prodicts bigger record breaking year.So they need to rebuild there team.
Here's how it all started :
6 months ago the company hired a new supervisor because the past one was demoted.
My two co-workers got together and started getting buddy buddy with the new supervisor from the very start.They have a gift to gab and the age level hit them off very well.The second day of my supervisors employment with the company I was accused of not doing my job right to spec-.But, at that time I was doing my job to the spec-.When I went to stand up for myself .Then I was accused of having a attitude and I was wrote up with 3 days off.
I was doing my job again to spec- and my supervisor comes up to me stating not to spec.I again tried to stand up for myself.And again I was told I'm having a Attitude and again I am wrote up with 3 days off .And now to keep my job I have to see a doctor about my attitude they say.I think that when they told me the company wants me to see a doctor they thought I was going to be easy and just quit rite on the spot.
Because, when they told me about seeing a doctor they tried to make it not look so bad by saying to me that we had other employees see a doctor for this same reason in the past!Well when I said yes I will see a doctor the supervisor and the main man didn't know how to set it up.Thats my clue that they didn't have it planned thought I was going to quit!I feel I 'm being herassed at work and the company is covering there tracks.
Because, I was told by other co-workers that they will fight unemployment so they won't fire you!Won't lay you off. So how else would a company get you out?Start a paper trail,say you have a attitude ,Say your not moving doing your job right state you are in thift of company time.
What can I do?Who can I talk to?
Thanks ! Indiana Man