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    Apr 5, 2010, 07:58 AM
    Help I'm getting written up at work all the time?
    Hello, I'm a 40 yr old male and I work for a company in the shipping and receiving department.As of now I'm 2 months shy of 2 yrs with the company.I feel I'm being weeded out because, of my age .I feel the company is looking for younger 18 yr olds to take my place cause,18 yr olds will move faster.I hear remarks from other employees as well as my supervisor as "I hear you want to move to a defferent department!"I reply I never said that!
    I'm the oldest employee in my department all others are in the age level of 18-22.I feel that I was first hired because at the time they really needed someone fast because the company at the time was swomped with orders in the hopping time of the yr.
    Now this coming yr the company prodicts bigger record breaking year.So they need to rebuild there team.
    Here's how it all started :
    6 months ago the company hired a new supervisor because the past one was demoted.
    My two co-workers got together and started getting buddy buddy with the new supervisor from the very start.They have a gift to gab and the age level hit them off very well.The second day of my supervisors employment with the company I was accused of not doing my job right to spec-.But, at that time I was doing my job to the spec-.When I went to stand up for myself .Then I was accused of having a attitude and I was wrote up with 3 days off.
    I was doing my job again to spec- and my supervisor comes up to me stating not to spec.I again tried to stand up for myself.And again I was told I'm having a Attitude and again I am wrote up with 3 days off .And now to keep my job I have to see a doctor about my attitude they say.I think that when they told me the company wants me to see a doctor they thought I was going to be easy and just quit rite on the spot.
    Because, when they told me about seeing a doctor they tried to make it not look so bad by saying to me that we had other employees see a doctor for this same reason in the past!Well when I said yes I will see a doctor the supervisor and the main man didn't know how to set it up.Thats my clue that they didn't have it planned thought I was going to quit!I feel I 'm being herassed at work and the company is covering there tracks.
    Because, I was told by other co-workers that they will fight unemployment so they won't fire you!Won't lay you off. So how else would a company get you out?Start a paper trail,say you have a attitude ,Say your not moving doing your job right state you are in thift of company time.
    What can I do?Who can I talk to?
    Thanks ! Indiana Man
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    Apr 5, 2010, 01:59 PM

    You already have the right idea regarding keeping an eye on all of this. You actually need to decide something, first:

    1) are you keeping this job no matter what?
    2) are you confident in your assertion you are doing your job to spec?

    You need to practice what I call "selective gratitude". Instead of telling them they're wrong or arguing... which seems to be what they want because then they can ding you for something much harder for you to fight, a bad attitude... instead of arguing, you confidently thank them for their help on your behalf.

    "I appreciate you caring enough about our team to help me this way. You guys are great, this is an awesome team. So what exactly in the job spec do you want me to do differently?"

    If they claim you are doing your job "not to spec" then they should be able to present the facts that support that claim. You should have a written specification to refer to wherever possible. If they appear to be completely changing things, then you should insist on the written spec so that you can help others know what to aim for.

    "Ah, so this is a lot different from what we were doing before. OK, I get that. Do the others know? Let me get the written spec in order so I can be sure all us guys are working from the same page. Very nice of you to bring this to my attention."

    Perhaps even a written notice to your boss's boss. In this note you THANK them for being so proactive on getting the new specifications in place, praise your boss to his boss for being such a good communicator, and finally suggest that having these changes in written form would make them easier to refer to whenever it was necessary to review them.

    Not being liked or being pressured to quit is never a good thing, but one successful way to beat it is to become a "fan" of those people. It's hard to do, involves swallowing a lot of pride, but the goal is to find the things your boss's are doing well and openly praise them for it. Praise them to others, hopefully in ways that your boss will know you're doing it.

    It's tough to not be on the side of someone who openly praises us and appears to be sincere when they do it. We all love admiration and "kissing butt" may be unattractive, but it spells job security if you can pull it off.
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    Apr 6, 2010, 09:11 AM

    Indiana Man Here again.Supervisor couldn't show me what was wrong with the part out of spec.Because,the part was already shipped when I arrived the next working day.
    Normally in this case the part would have been photografted to show the operator next time he or she is next on the clock.Or the part would have been put to side for the next working day for the operator to see.I asked were is the part so I can see what I did wrong?it was already shipped by night shift!I then asked were or is there a photo?I was told no!
    I was only told that,The main man came out to look at the part and I should take there word for it!Note:Kind of hard to take the rap for something that you can't see what you did!But if I stand up for myself."debate it".Then I open a can of bad beans it ask me if I seem to what to keep this job no matter what?My answer is I don't know what to do!The job I have pays well.Higher than any jobs in my local area.My wife don't want to even here of me quiting .I'm on my own riding the lighting on this one.should I throw a coin?I ask myself .Do I want to work for people like this ?My answer is no.But, Is there jobs out there?No.I have the most Seniority on my team.As been there the longest and the company goes by Seniority or if I was told that!So,there policy is to not find you a new position its for you to apply for one in the company to move on.I haven't applied for any new position because, there's not one for me as shift perfer.
    So I feel that they know I haven't applied for a new position to try to move on.That means they can't get rid of me that way!
    So,they decided to work me out!So, they can get a friend in the company only way is to get me out so there's a openning.So now I have co-workers going behide my back in with the supervisor. To find anything to get me!Because, co-workers can't move on unless I do!goes by the ladder.What better way to get a person out ?But to keep writing the person up.Untill either he or she runs out of write ups to be fired or to ride he or she until they pop "quit"!
    I last:
    Feel that I'm being weeded out!
    No other employee has been treated this way in the past!
    And as for talking and being nice to my supervisor as of taking it and baring it!I believe I been though enough I believe any other man would have cracked by now.Sure If I what to keep my job .The only thing to do is to bottle it all up and go on!
    I never was the type to rub any boss ,I never had the gift to gab!I seen it all the time employee rubbing the boss.It burns me sometimes to see it.I always made it just by hard work.
    I was told in the past by defferent supervisors from defferent companys .That a good company don't waste there time writing employees up!Because, they know if they have a good employee or not and if not a good employee they just easilly let them go!A company don't keep an employee around for 2 yrs then decide to get rid of him!
    Unless the company gets a new supervisor and that supervisor what's new recrutes.Then its time to weed!
    I'm a geat!employee.I never messed a day never was late and do my job to spec according to the company policys hand book!
    I believe I know when I wear out my welcome!But also, was told never to quit a job until you have another.In this case I don't know what to do!Most likily the time I just spent writing all of this to you.I problly should have been on a find job website! What would you do?Hey thanks for the ear!
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    Apr 6, 2010, 09:26 AM

    Thanks JB
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    Apr 6, 2010, 11:27 AM

    You're right, times are tough, and we do the best with what we have.

    My wife is a jewel, if my job was making me miserable she would support whatever I needed to do. It's not all about money, but I know money can't be excluded from the decision... plus you have to deal with your family personalities as they are today.

    Yes, I would be hunting avidly through networking sites, and through family and friends, for my next "thing". The best jobs never make it to the classifieds, they are hired out through contacts already made and relationships already developing prior to the job coming open.

    This should become your part-time job, making connections.

    I would be sure to accept any job making up to 70% of your current income. You can budget around the difference, or do something on the side to make up the difference. And your peace of mind and happiness are well worth it.
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    Apr 6, 2010, 12:08 PM

    Thanks JB
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    Apr 6, 2010, 12:27 PM

    Indiana Man here:
    I guess I need to decide rather I should quit with notice.Or hang around just awhile longer.Hopping seasons just around the corner!Quit when there in need witch is coming very very soon!
    Question is should I give them notice ?They sure don't fire with notice!
    Be the better man?Don't be like them?OR Be like them?
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    Apr 6, 2010, 12:31 PM

    Kmow anyone looking for a good man for a job?10 yrs Factory exp.5 yrs CDL Class A x-t.5yrs being a grunt!
    Here I am!
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    Apr 9, 2010, 02:33 PM

    I would strongly suggest you not get too engaged in the politics - just be sure that you do everything in your job description so they don't have grounds to fire you. They might anyway and some people are unscrupulous and will make stuff up to get rid of you - there's not much you can do about it at all.

    I think the best thing is to move on to another job. It's easier to find one while you already have one. You have great qualifications, so start applying for other opportunities and get out of this company. The job market is terrible, but you only need one job. Find that one job.

    Best wishes!
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    Apr 9, 2010, 09:37 PM

    It may well be how you are "standing up" for yourself, I find it hard to understand how it went to a 3 day off.

    One never raises their vlice, EVER, merely asks for them to show them or give them in writing what the error was.

    If they will not, merely ask for a appointment to discuss this with their boss.

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