We text each other a lot flirting with each other. We also Argue a lot and then make up like old married couples which she says we are.Thinks I tell her everything what goes on in my life.Keeps showing parts of her body to me. She once lifted her trousers to show me her bad knee.I told her are you trying to show your leg to me. She lifted side of her blouse telling me the label itching her.Told her trying to show me your belly.Lifted her legs to show her shoes. Showed me her ears asking me are they big.Told her no you look wonderful. She replied thanks god for confirming that knowing how honest I am.During Christmas party danced together holding hands but left early which she asked me next day why left early. Wanted me to come to managers leaving party but told her cannot because look out of place and be on my own. She said so what if on your own.Made it clear to her that I like her and she knows I do.Alot of other things happened but too much to write.