Basically I'm looking for some professional advice on how to handle a situation with a male coworker of mine. He and I are acquaintances and I have always viewed our relationship as professional and platonic. I'm in a relationship and he's married. Anyhow, some days he's super friendly, wants to IM with me all day long (very productive thanks to businesses incorporating instant messangers) and others he avoids me. I'm not interested if that's your first reaction however we work on projects together and need to collaberate on deliverables. I'm all for developing a good rapport with colleagues although I think this has gone too far. One night after a team outing he asked if he could stay over since he lives far and actually tried kissing me. He also told me he liked me which I never gleaned in a million years. I chalked it up to lots of alcohol and inhibitions going out the window. Maybe I'm at fault for going out for drinks with him after work periodically. I always told my man what I was up to however my married friends said they doubted he was telling his wife. Whatever his sentiment is toward me doesn't matter. He's married and I would NEVER go there. I just want to know as a female the best way to conduct myself in a fashion such that we can still work together in a reasonable manner without him acting weird (extreme highs and lows). I enjoy having friends in the office and wish he never took this to another level.