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    Dec 14, 2013, 11:04 AM
    I caught feelings for one of my managers... and I think he may like me
    This is a 2 part question. First, let me start by saying this. My manager and I are 15 years apart. I am over 25. We are both single, he has 2 kids.

    Story goes like this:

    When I first met him, I wasn't interested. He was not my type and I didn't really care for him. The more I worked with him I got to see him for who he was. He was sweet, funny, caring, responsible, just an all around awesome guy. He began always seeking me out to talk and every time he passed me he always has to stop and say something to me. He smiles at me a lot and touches me a lot when he talks to me. He's bought me breakfast and lunch a few times when we work together. I will pick him up a coffee occasionally when I come in. Hes very flirtatious or so it seems. He tells me a lot about his kids and shows me pictures, his kids are all over 13. At one point he even asked me to help him go shopping for his new place, but ended up not happening because his family gave him stuff. He always helps me out at work when I need it, an even if I don't. Hes always quick to jump in. An I do the same for him.
    The more I work with him the more I find myself seeking him out. Since that's happened and I've noticed my feelings it seems maybe his aren't as strong anymore.

    We got in an argument at work over something that happened and it was a passionate fight, you could feel it. I don't know if I did something wrong.

    I guess my questions are:
    Did it seem like he may have liked me?
    Did I do something wrong to turn his attention from me?
    An how should I proceed with my feelings? Do I tell him? How do I approach it?

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