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    May 7, 2008, 07:45 AM
    My bossy boss
    I have been working for my employer for almost one year. My boss is constantly saying do this go here take this here, like I am her personal assistant. She makes me run errands for her... even personal ones that aren't related to work, sometimes she even has me pick her up and bring her to the office. The sad part is we have a staff assistant that she never asks to do anything. I have a lot of responsibilities in our office and a lot of deadlines to meet. Sometimes I can't get all my work done because she's sending me out on wild goose chases and expects me to do it all. I cannot take it anymore I have talked to her about it and she doesn't even realize she does it, when I tell her I'm too busy to go get her coffee she gets mad at me. Is there anyway to win here? I need some advice!
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    May 7, 2008, 10:19 AM
    People like her expect everyone else to do for them regardless. She has a very narrow insight into other people. Be happy you even have a job and just put up with her somehow until you can find another job. There is basically no way to win since you have already spoken to her and she keeps it up. Apparently she likes you and thinks that you like her and can happily do everything she wants you to do. Try asking her for a raise since she thinks you are capable of being superperson.
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    May 22, 2008, 05:35 PM
    Asking for a raise is an awesome answer. Your increased responsibilities warrant it. And be sure it's not a wimpy raise, ask for 20-25% bump, whatever the round number is in that range.

    She is your boss. So as long as she's not putting you down, she's simply giving you tasks to do, she's not being disrespectful. Even if you paint it that way in your mind, she's just acting like a boss. They're bossy. Pushy, they delegate to their subordinates. You're a subordinate.

    As long as your paychecks clear, everything is fine. You not WANTING to do the extras doesn't make them inappropriate. Does that make sense? You can make an issue of them, even talk her into getting someone else to do them, but you don't gain points in the office that way and nothing was actually gained. People are still taking their direction for her.

    Meanwhile, you can get creative back. Christmastime, take up a collection and the office can buy her a small stand and coffee maker for her office. Hehe.

    Dry cleaning, don't some of them deliver? Get the number of one that does and ask her to bring the cleaning to work, you'll get it to the cleaners and back for her. You offer to cover more of the task and end up doing less... have it picked up and delivered, it goes on her bill.

    Ultimately, every task is worth doing and worth doing well. It's our own attitude about them that makes things unbearable. There are people who would kill for a job that let's them "get out of the office" with some frequency, especially doing some mindless, relaxing errands.

    Think about it.

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