I am a little confused I have this co/worker, a woman who I have been friends with since she has joined my dept (which I got her into) I must say she is very head strong, like a know it all, very confident attitude, kind of acts like she donít bleed red like the rest of us. Can be very nasty to people, and is a manipulator. Besides all this, I am a very nice person I have a huge heart and I like to think I am a better person for letting little irritating things go with her! We went to blows once already. It was a few months ago when I decided to stick up for myself she can be very bossy, regardless of who was wrong I decided to be the better person and write her an e-mail apologizing. We sit right next to each other for 9 hours a day; 5 days a week. At some point an argument was bond to happen... After she got my e-mail, she apparently was too good to apologize back and let it go, so for 3 weeks she ignored me until she was ready. She had told me after that, she wanted to make me suffer, and it is easy for her shut people out.. I am the total opposite, especially to someone I consider a friend! We work in a very stressful environment I work for brokers and I am screamed on all day long so adding this baby crap on top of it, is more stressful. Most of the time we stick together, being the only 2 women on the desk, and we are each others backups.
Last week on Wednesday, I noticed my co-worker/friend was a little standoffish. I did not think much of it I just thought maybe she was PMSing or cranky because, she acts that way a lot. I am use to it. I had the next 5 days off for vacation; well my dad was having surgery, so I was concentrating on him. I left work that day and said goodbye to her , and said Ďcall me over the weekendĒ she said ďO.k.Ē
Well the weekend came and went with no call. I returned to work on Tuesday of this week and she is still acting cold to me. She didnít even ask how things went with my father. Now itís Thursday and the day is almost over. I have been very quite not making a point to talk to her. I have no idea what I did for her to be this to me, and knowing her, she is loving this!! In addition, the way I feel is why should I try to be nice or ask what her problem is when she could not even ask about my father, even if she is upset with me. I have been a good friend to her even with her annoying ways, which I am sure I have to but we were friends. I just donít understand and I donít feel like being the better person again, specially when I donít even now why she is not talking to me.
Anyone have any advice?