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    Newbiemouseandpoint Posts: 13, Reputation: 2

    Mar 11, 2005, 03:23 AM
    Word RAND appears at log-in email account WHY
    To: Whomever understands Yahoo email log-in address string

    Each time I log-in my Yahoo email account the address string has the word
    Rand in it when the page opens.

    Does that indicate the Rand Research Corp. of Santa Monica is monitoring my computer activity?

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    fredg Posts: 4,926, Reputation: 674
    Ultra Member

    Mar 11, 2005, 09:06 AM
    I am the first to admit that I do not know what the word "rand=" refers to in signing in to a Yahoo email account. I see the same thing when I sign in.

    My reason for posting an answer here is to let you know about Beacon Spamming, since you are obviously interested in Security and Privacy.

    I apologize if you are already aware of this. Yahoo uses information from everyone when using their email; unless you turn it off!

    You can turn it off following this procedure:

    Take a look at their updated privacy statement:

    About half-way down the page, in the section on cookies, you will see a link that says web beacons.
    Click on the phrase web beacons.
    That will bring you to a paragraph entitled "Outside the Yahoo Network." In this section you'll see a little "click here to opt out" link that will let you opt-out of their new method of snooping.
    Once you have clicked that link, you are exempted.
    Notice the "Success" message on the top of the next page.
    Be careful because on that page there is a "Cancel Opt-out" button
    That, if clicked, will *undo* the opt-out.

    Also, Yahoo uses SPAM in all their emails; such as [email protected].
    If you wish to stop this, then:

    For each Yahoo ID you have, or each email ID you have:
    Go to
    Click on Mail, and sign in.
    Then, click on Mail Options; top right.
    Then, click on Account Information, on the left.
    Fill in your password again; and Submit.
    About halfway down, click on the link "Edit your Marketing Preferences".
    Notice that ALL boxes are checked.
    Click on the blue link "Clear All" at the bottom of all the check marks.
    Then, click on the button "Save Changes".
    Again, this must be done for every Yahoo ID.

    Just for information:
    If you wish to add or subtract from an Experts' reputation, or show appreciation or discontent with an answer, click on the "balance scales" icon by the Experts' name. You can then choose what you wish.

    Best wishes,
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    ScottGem Posts: 64,966, Reputation: 6056
    Computer Expert and Renaissance Man

    Mar 11, 2005, 10:46 AM
    I'm not sure what the Rand means either. But I know it does not that anyone is monitoring you. Since the whole thing is:
    /login? rand=xxxxxxxx

    I suspect that its either a security tool on Yahoo's part that generates a random login key. Or its used to display a random ad.

    Either way I wouldn't be concerned about it.
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    walt17 Posts: 335, Reputation: 28
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    Mar 11, 2005, 06:35 PM
    Newbie, I don't have an answer. But am curious as to how you are logging in. I have been using Yahoo email for years and have never seen that.

    ScottGem's Avatar
    ScottGem Posts: 64,966, Reputation: 6056
    Computer Expert and Renaissance Man

    Mar 11, 2005, 08:30 PM
    Its in the address bar.
    Newbiemouseandpoint's Avatar
    Newbiemouseandpoint Posts: 13, Reputation: 2

    Mar 12, 2005, 05:59 AM
    To: FregG re: Yahoo email log-in string
    To: Fred G

    Thank you for your reply. I have not yet taken the steps to ensure personal privacy at my Yahoo email site. Your instructions though are quite clear and I will follow them.

    As a newbie-neophyte-software instructions learning curve challenged person I do appreciate the tutorial. I have good experience at online research though with topics and issues that are of interest to me. My peer email pals tell me I have a special gift at getting to substance; going beyond rhetoric to find useful information.

    We might have interests in common. From time to time I get on a research tear with like minded email folk. You are welcome if you want to get a conversation going :-)

    With Regards,
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    fredg Posts: 4,926, Reputation: 674
    Ultra Member

    Mar 12, 2005, 06:14 AM
    Hi, newbiemouseandpoint,
    I like your user name!
    You are quite welcome.
    Good hunting and researching,

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