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    Jun 7, 2005, 08:28 AM
    Trouble with Miscrosoft Word problems
    Word 8

    Indicate whether the sentence or statement is true or false.

    TF 1.
    The Delete key deletes a soft page break.

    TF 2.
    One way to insert a section is to change the format for a portion of a document.

    TF 3.
    A continuous section break starts on a new page.

    TF 4.
    The Status bar displays section numbers.

    TF 5.
    You use the Page Setup dialog box to format section breaks.

    TF 6.
    The default alignment of a page number is center alignment.

    TF 7.
    Normal view displays page numbers.

    TF 8.
    Double-click a page number to open the header pane.

    TF 9.
    The Header toolbar contains a button for accessing the Page Setup dialog box.

    10. Change the default header position to 1 inch for a continuation page header.

    Multiple Choice

    Which page break does not move when text is added or deleted?
    a. Hard page break c. Next page break
    b. Soft page break d. Continuous page break

    What is the default page length in a word document?
    a. 8 1/2 inches c. 8 inches
    b. 9 inches d. 11 inches

    Which text-flow option prevents the first line of a paragraph from remaining at the bottom of a page?
    a. Widow/Orphan Control c. Keep With Next
    b. Keep Lines Together d. Page Break Before

    Which nonprinting character displays to the left of paragraphs with text-flow options?
    a. Black asterisk c. Black square
    b. Black circle d. Black diamond

    Which section break follows previous text without a page break?
    a. Next Page c. Even Page
    b. Continuous d. Odd Page

    Which of the following is not used to see page numbers?
    a. Print Preview c. Print Layout view
    b. Normal view d. Hard copy

    Which feature do you use to add text with a page number?
    a. Header or Footer c. Page Setup
    b. Page Numbers d. Layout

    Which button on the Header and Footer toolbar shows the header or footer of the following section?
    a. Show Previous c. Switch between Header and Footer
    b. Show Next d. Same as Previous

    Which of the following is not included in a continuation header for a business letter?
    a. Date c. Writer of the letter
    b. Page number d. Addressee’s name

    Which option do you use to start numbering on the second page of a document?
    a. Check the Show Number on First Page option.
    b. Uncheck the Show Number on First Page option.
    c. Change the Start Numbering option.
    d. Check the Continue From Previous Section option.


    Press ____________________ to delete a hard page break.

    By default, standard page length is ____________________ inches.

    A/an ____________________ occurs when the last line of a paragraph prints at the top of a page.

    A/an ____________________ section break follows the previous text without a page break.

    A/an ____________________ section break starts on a new page.
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    Jun 7, 2005, 12:22 PM
    Guess what.. If you want me (or anyone here) to do your class assignments, how about just giving me the name, address and email of your instructor and I will submit it directly eliminating the middleman - YOU!

    After all, if I am doing the work, I might as well get the credit!

    Give it a break.. you were given the assignment to test YOUR knowledge not anyone else's..

    Do your own da*n homework!!

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    Jun 8, 2005, 04:46 AM
    Further to what Murray said - This stuff is so damn easy to find out. Just stop being so lazy, open Word and try doing the things in the questions.
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    Jun 29, 2005, 04:19 AM
    You can find the answers by using a search engine like Google.
    Best wishes,

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