I'm very concerned and just wanted some expert advice before taking a pregnancy test. My period was due this past Sat Oct. 25th or Sun Oct. 26th. IT is now Thursday the 30th. Prior to Sat I had experienced all my normal PMS symptoms for nearly a week. Extremely soar breasts, minor cramping, increased appetite and a little wooziness with fatigue so I was almost sure my period would come. ON Sat. when I should have had bleeding, I felt the symptoms even more severe so I assumed at anytime during the day I would start menstruating but it never happened. By late Sunday I felt like I had started bleeding and proceeded to put in a Tampon. ON MOnday when I took the Tampon out, it was only a little brown. I put another one on Monday night and when I retrieved it Tuesday, this one was even more dark, very dark slightly red on just the tip but I didn't soak it.

Since MOnday I still have had spotting and severe sharp cramps in my lower abdomen just like I do during my period but still no blood, even as I type this. When I wake up in the morning such as today (Thursday) my vagina feels soar and damp and I keep thinking I am menstruating but still nothing. I am wondering If I am pregnant. Why would I have spotting but no bleeding? Why am I having these extreme pains in my lower abdomen? My whole body feels like I am menstruating but with no blood. Is it a pregnancy or something else? Is my period just really late? I haven't been under anymore unusual stress than normal so I am extremely confused as to what is happening with my body and why my period won't come. HELP!