On the 19th I was feeling REALLY dizzy and light headed. After the symptoms getting worse I decided to check my blood sugars. Both my mom was a diabetic (to the point she was going to need insulin if she had lived) and my dad has border line diabetes. So I worry about my sugars.

I checked them an 2 hours after eating a bowl of ice cream my sugars were 72. I checked them again 2 hours after dinner (now 3 hours after the ice cream) and my dad had me eat an orange and they were 99.

I did a fasting test the next morning (10 hours of not eating) and my sugars were 115. 6 and a half hours after eating oatmeal (I went to work, checked my sugar right after work) they were 135. I had a REALLY bad headache I could not get rid of. I ate syrup, french toast and fries. 2 hours later my sugars were 131. They dropped 4 points?

My dad wondered if my sugars were getting too low so he had me eat a milky way. The thing tasted aweful ( I usually love them). 2 hours later my sugar was down to 105.

Today I took my sugar 111 (I was getting dizzy and a headache) I ate 2 burritos and a glass of milk (Consumed 77 carbs) and my sugar dropped in two hours to 103.

Does anyone know what is going on? Any ideas please?