I'm 25 5'2 and 95 pounds and I want to gain weight so bad, but it feels like such a struggle to do so. When I eat a little I am 95, when I eat normal it's 95, when I eat a lot it's still 95! I've been skinny my whole life and even though I'm confident, I hate my body sometimes and isn't because I look bad, it is because people comment on it ALL the time! Really it's just women that do, they seem so consumed with how I look and I wish they weren't. I get so angry about it, I'm about to start telling the next woman who says something to me that she really needs to lose some weight and get the hell over mine! That's how upset it makes me. But I can't do that. I really believe all woman are beautiful in there own way no matter what size they are but I feel weak and tired of fighting it anymore. Why is it OK for people to criticize me and make me feel ugly all the time? I just want to gain weight to feel more "ideal" and shut everyone up. I hated my body when I was a kid and struggle to love it now because of so much pressure all the time. I just want to feel normal and wish I could feel beautiful for more than an hour a day. I want my thyroid checked cause I heard that can cause you to not gain weight. But I have been this way my whole life, is it possible to have an overactive thyroid your whole life and not know it? I can't just eat tons of food because I have stomach problems, (and that's a whole other exausting problem that I don't even have a real known reason for that either). The protein shakes didn't work for me, but maybe I just wasn't diligent enough. They tasted disgusting and they hurt my stomach. I considered trying some birth control that "makes some women gain weight", but that's not a for sure thing anyway and I really hate the idea of getting on birth control, I like feeling natural and in tune with my cycles. Eating more DOES NOT work for me. I go through times I eat constantly and my weight just stays the same. I'm usually anywhere from 93-95. But the past couple days, I've had no appetite and feel like I lost a couple pounds and that is very unusual for me, so it's on my mind even more lately. So if anyone has some real sound, actual productive, unique advice for my unusual problem, I would so very appreciate, from the bottom of my heart your advice on this. Thanks to anyone who actually got this far on my "extremely long question". : )