Im 50 and going through perimenopause. I am an extremely clean person who showers twice a day. I also wear pantiliners everyday FOR MANY YEARS. This keeps me dry and clean. It was highly recommended by my OBGYN many years ago. Anyway, I recently found two small to medium size pimples (like whiteheads) on the inside of my vaginal lips. They do not hurt, but I am concerned. I wash with warm/hot water and I have also put neosporin on them. They have gone down a little in size, however, right before I menstruate they begin to become a little larger. I feel I may have a urinary track infection and may need to go on antibiotics. My questions is: If I go on antibiotics due to an infection, can I pop these whiteheads and clean them with hydrogen peroxide and put neosporin on them? I just want to make sure that they never return. I'm not sure if just taking oral antibiotics will get rid of them. My fear is that they will remain or return and come back even larger. Please help... thanks.