Since we have multiple postings on when it is important to seek medical advice, I thought I would post a few guidelines on when it is important to seek medical attention.

It is important to contact your doctor's/dentist's office if you notice significant changes in how you feel and function. Nobody knows your body better than you, so be prepared to expaing your concerns in detail. You will then be told if you need to make an appointment. If you experience and of the symptoms below, call your doctor/dentist.

* A fever that lasts more than a few days;
* Recurrent dizziness or nausea;
* Vision changes or frequent headaches;
* Unexplained changes in weight;
* Abnormal bleeding, for women this includes longer periods, extremely heavy periods, scanty or shor periods, as well as missing periods:
* Pain that lingers or worsens after a week.

MOST IMPORTANT, don't ignore unusual symptoms. If it is enough to cause you concern, it's worth a call to your doctor's/dentist's office.