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    Feb 6, 2012, 08:01 PM
    What can cause an unpleasant smell and distcharge?
    Hello, Iím 18 and have been with my boyfriend for 18 months. He is frequently going away for work as he works in the mines, recently I think I may have picked up and infection, Iíve noticed some changes, Iím sure that there is real disgusting stench down there and sometimes I feel that other people can smell it so I am forever having a shower to try and wash away the smell, it seem more moist I also have more of a thick white discharge that sometimes seems like a creamy yellowy colour. I frequently get urinary track infections since I was a little girl so Iím forever taking antibiotic, I think that may have disrupted the natural balance of bacteria down there causing vaginosis or some similar infection, any other ideas. I donít get any itching or burning but sometimeís after sex my inner lips sometime s swells up. (We donít use condoms).

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