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    May 23, 2005, 04:07 PM
    What Is The Bleeding
    Hi My husband and I have been trying to get P for 6 months now my last cycle started on 17/04/05 o was on 30/04/05 we had intercourse around that day and that day next cycle was due 15/05/05 on 09/05/05 I was discharging a light red muck like mucus this occurred for 6 days on and off nothing big but then on 15/05/05 I started my p not heavy but they were there and lasted for 3 days does anyone know what this muck was :confused:
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    May 23, 2005, 11:28 PM
    Hi KAS,

    Sorry to hear that you have not yet been successful at getting pregnant. Don't lose hope though!

    I can't exactly say what this is, as I am not there, but it sounds like it could be Endometrium deposits. Basically it's an odd looking tissue that people with Endometriosis do not shed. It could just be also such a light period that the tissue you shedded was strange looking.

    Honestly, I would highly recommend seeing an OBGYN about this issue. It certainly can't hurt. After all, if this is something that could possibly cause delays in you becoming pregnant; Wouldn't you want to know?

    Good luck with this. My best wishes for you!

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