Since the beginning of April, I've had some weird vaginal discharge.. this VERY slimy and thick and it hangs in long threads out of my vagina and it's kind of tough and hard to tear apart.. the color is usually white, but.. sometimes it is a clear light green color (same consistency as the white)..
It's doesn't have any foul odor at all..
I went to my doctor who examined me and found nothing.. but he gave me some vaginal suppositories, some named "Flagyl".. but they didn't help at all..
A few weeks ago I thought that it had disappeared, but, when I had sex with my boyfriend it came back for a few days and then disappeared again.. and when I had sex again the came back.. again...
I have some pain during sex and it feels dry (even though it's not)..
During these months I've had some weird periods.. they were also VERY slimy and hangs in long threads...

I've given up on my own doctor...
Do you have any suggestions ?

(OBS - I've been on the pill for almost 3 years now and also been sexually active with the same guy for 3 years (he is the only one I've been sexually active with) )