Hello! So since January I have had one period. :( I seem to not be ovulating. In order to have that one period I had to use Progesterone pills for ten days. Thought it would have regulated me but it did not. So I'm looking into taking vitex. I bought a bottle and the capsules are only 40mg. Says on the back to take once a day. But I am hearing you are suppose to take like 1000mg a day. What should I take? I have been taking 2 capsules a day. So 80mg. Seems like it may not be enough. This is my 5th day in using it, and am wondering if it would be bad to take more than 80mg. I don't see anyone saying they took under 1000mg and it working. I know it can take up to a couple months for it to work. But what if I'm taking too little? My husband and I are trying to conceive. And have been trying for well over a yr. somebody please reply!!