We have been trying to conceive. We had unprotected sex last month around the time I thought I was fertile. Thursday I began spotting a light pink. I had cramping but less then normal for my period. The spotting has picked up its flow since then but it is not heavy enough to be my period. Also I have had small blood clots. I took 3 of those early pregnancy tests which were negative. My period is not due until Monday. This spotting started 10 dpo. Today my usual coffee had me feel like throwing up and my breasts are sensitive and I seem to be going to the batheroom a lot. Does this sound like a normal period or perhaps an early miscarriage? Should I see my doctor or do women sometimes just have early lighter then normal periods? Also I should mention I am 34 so maybe could it be premenopause? Or could I be pregnant? Please help. Thanks.:confused: