Before were using condom as a protection for almost 3 years and all of a sudden we stop using it. Even before I took my first pap smear I been having this light yellow discharge and sometimes it appears white. I feel burning after sex. Other than that, I 'm having sometimes pain in my left side at the bottom of my stomach which I think its part of Appendix. When I press it I feel pain, and I'm having Frequently Urination most of the time. I don't know if iI have a diabetis already. To tell you what, I don't want to go back to my ones doctor who assest me with my pap smear because I don't like how he handle the patient, I rather get another opinion that can really know my symptoms and that could help and treat me. So I made an appointment from the other Clinic and I'm scheduled this coming 19/07. Please, tell me is this the right Idea? And give me more opinion please.. thanks again: