I am 26 and I have a 4 yrs old and my husband and I have a long distant relationship for 3 years now and I came off the birth control 2 years ago from being on them for 8 years and we've been trying to conceive from ever since but no such luck. I started taking the Fertilitea which has in Vitex about 3 months ago and its suppose to restore my reproductive but I have been experiencing vaginal dryness since I last saw my period 1/11/07. I don't even think I ovulated. We have been having sex everyday since the first 2 days of my period because after the first day its not so heavy. It's the day before my period and I am dry. After sex I have cramps and I get sharp pain that lasts seconds in my fallopian tubes. I get my period every 28 days like clock work but could I be pregnant? I have been experiencing cramps from 14 days ago, with no dicharge, my lower abdomen feels like I've been working out, maybe I am over analysing?