I recently had rough sex two days in a row, and now I have what appear to be blisters on my labia, right outside the vaginal opening. The sex lasted a long time, and there was a point when I got too dry, so penetration hurt and caused friction. I irritated the area the first day, and the second day sent me over the edge. There is a larger, more painful blister on the right labia, and a couple smaller less painful ones on the left. They REALLY hurt to touch, and make sitting and walking uncomfortable. I also experience horrible stinging when I urinate.

I've been applying Vaseline to keep the friction down between the left & right sides. I found some Neosporin with pain relief, and put that on to see if that would help - too soon to tell right now.

How long should I expect to wait before these blisters/sores heal? What can I do to facilitate healing? Is there anything I can do to ease the pain? Do I need to lance/drain the blisters/sores? And how long should I wait before I contact my doctor?