I went to the doctor because I was having really bad pain down below. It was burning when I was going to the bathroom and then after too. I also had to go every 20 minutes and it was cloudy as well. I had it for a week and a few days now and I went in yesterday and they did a test and came back as normal. They are going to do a culture on it, but I won't get results back until a few days. I feel like it's getting worse because it's throbbing down below and my legs are hurting now and my sides kind of hurt but not terribly. I have been taking uristat and I don't know if that might have effected the test because it makes you urine red and orange. I feel like I can't wait any longer for an antibiotic. Does anyone know what this could be? I took an at home test before I went in also and it definitely came out positive for an infection and now it shows that I don't. It just doesn't make sense to me. I know uristat is just for pain and doesn't treat an infection though. Has anyone experienced anything like this and I know you guys aren't doctors and can't diagnose, but my doctors are taking awhile and doesn't seem like they are not doing anything to help. I told the nurse my symptoms and she didn't say anything. I feel like she thinks I'm making it up, but why would I just make up random pain and waste my time and money. I was even waddling back and forth every now and then because it hurt so bad. If anyone knows what this might be and has any feedback please let me know? Thanks!