My hubby and I are prepping for an insemination to take place this cycle (may). We've been trying for 4 years to get pregnant, and were successful in 2002 but didn't go through with the pregnancy. I'm now 33 and he's 35. Both of us had had the many required tests, and everything has come back just fine... It's unexplained infertility.

Anyway, I just got back from a month-long trip to another country (and time zone), and my schedule is off in every sense of the word. According to my fertility calendar (which is about 95% accurate, but has been off by a day or two every now and then), my period should I have started on the 6th of May. However, I started having symptoms earlier on (tender breasts, dull pain in my uterus area), etc. So last night, I went to the bathroom because I could feel a little liquid in my underwear, and when I wiped it with toilet paper, it was a dark pink color (under a teaspoon full). That was the 3rd of May. Today, the 4th of May, there was nothing on my pad, however, when I wiped myself after urination, there was a small trace of darker blood and what appeared to be a tiny clot, but since then nothing.

I'm supposed to have a blood test on cycle day 2 or 3, but I don't know if this counts as my period or as spotting. I still have a dull slight cramping sensation, but no blood flow. This happened about four months ago, where I spotted (and had a lot less on the toilet paper than yesterday) for 2/3 days, then my full flow came. Being that this is the weekend (so I can't ask my doctor), and especially being that I'm supposed to start Gonal injections on specific days ( ovitrelle), am I to count yesterday as day one?