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    Dec 6, 2012, 07:45 PM
    Unusual Period
    I have been experiencing nearly a 2 week long period or what I think is a period but its unusual! My usual period lasts approx 4 days and is a regular flow but this time it is spotting and dark brown! I have also been experiencing itchy nipples during this time! What can this mean?

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Unusual period [ 1 Answers ]

I started my period 9 days early from last month and it has a brown tinge to it. Also when I have my periods they usually last from 8-9 days and on the first 2-3 days I bleed so heavy with having to change my tampon every hour at least. "

Unusual period [ 2 Answers ]

Hi, I have had a confusing month with my period... I'm pretty regular with my periods and they are pretty much like clock work. This month has been different though, my period was due yesterday so you will understand my confusion when I had brown discharge then a light spotting 11days ago for...

Unusual period.. what could this be? [ 2 Answers ]

I can usually tell when my period is coming.. I feel bloated, cramps (before I start and really bad through out), and sometimes My boobs hurt. It also is very heavy. This month when it came I couldn't even tell it was coming. No cramps, no sore boobs, and it was very very very light compared to...

Unusual Period [ 2 Answers ]

My period is usually painful and very heavy but only 5 days. Right now it has lasted almost 3 weeks. It is heavier than usual, painful every day and I have blood clots each time I go to the bathroom. A tampon only lasts about an hour. What's wrong and what do I do. I'm getting really worried.

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