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    Jul 10, 2012, 03:35 PM
    Unusual discharge
    I started on the pill a month ago and was on my period for a month until now but now I have stopped I'm experiencing that I am more wet than anything and something smells funny? I'm very worried because it isn't nice on me or the boyfriend can you help?

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I just masturbated and my discharge was clear and foamy. Should I be worried? I also recently experienced unusual discharge which did not smell strongly but left white stains on my underwear; I treated this with thrush medication. Is it possible that I have an STD? I have only had two sexual...

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After 2 days of my period get over, I suddenly had a etching inside my vagina. Then I found a white color liquid is flowing continuously. At night only I get the etching sensation and it is very strong. Please tell me what to do?

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I have been having an unusal "discharge" I would call it I guess. I had a UTI the last 3 months of my pregnancy. I am now 9 weeks postpartum. MY urine has been strong smelling, Dark, and when I wipe there is like little white like (about the size of rice) goop that come out when I wipe. At first I...

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