My period started about 10 days ago. It typically lasts about 5 days with heavy bleeding the 1st and into the 2nd day and then tapering off to nothing in 5 days. I usually have pretty heavy cramping. This time though I had next to no cramping or fatigue. The bleeding had completely stopped within 3 days and was never as heavy as it usually is. Now yesterday I started getting a very thick dark brown and odorless discharge. I felt my stomach cramp a couple of times almost like a fist clenching inside my lower abdominal area. But it wasn't painful. I thought it had stopped last night but then late this morning it was back. It is still thick but I am noticing a clear gooey substance and a little bit of like a mauve color. I am sexually active with my boyfriend of almost 4 years. I was just STD & pregnancy tested about 3 weeks ago with everything coming back negative. There have been no changes in my sexual habit. My boyfriend and I rarely use protection as we want to have a child. We had sex with him finishing inside me the 4th day after my period started and again the 7th day after my period started however we used a condom that time because we were doing other things and he didn't finish inside me. I apologize if this is TMI but I would just like to give as much info as I can so I can try to get accurate feedback. Please if you think you know what this is caused by or if you've experienced this I would appreciate any info or advice you have.Thank you for your help.