I have sudden nausea, sweating, hot flashes, and very clammy during bowel movements. This only happens 2-3 times a year! I do not have diabetes, I drink PLENTY of fluids throughout the day, and I was not hungry at the time. I have been to the hospital twice or it, but the have no idea!

These are my same syptoms! Sweat described piece by piece what happens to me!

*It come ONLY 2-3 times a year.

*Only during bowel movement

*VERY clamy

*VERY sweaty

*light headed


*hot flashes

*never last over 20 minutes

*starts right before bowel movement and ends 15-30 minutes after

*body immediately returns to normal after bowel movement

I just had it happen to me again today. I had to take all my clothes off and run cold water on a rag to put on my head... while sitting on the toilet! I almost felt as if I needed to throw up at one point, but never did. After several minutes it went away completely!

If you can, PLEASE HELP! I don't have insurance right now and want to know what I am looking for without a million test!