Not to sound like yet another woman asking some random question about her period, with the question "Could I be pregnant?" in the back of her head but I'm a little concerned. My period was supposed to start sometime between the 3rd and the 7th of this month (its been fluxuating alot). On the 3rd, I began having a light but consistent brown discharge. Not to be graphic, but it was enough to need a panty liner otherwise it was staining my panties, but not heavy enough to need pads or tampons. It didn't feel like my period; I've been a little tired and moody, but there has been no cramping, bloating, or major PMS (not that I get any major symptoms anyway, but this was even less than usual). At first, I just thought it was old blood like I've read about and my real period would start afterwards. However, it ended today (the 6th), and I haven't begun my period yet. Maybe I'm just being premature and it will start soon, but should I be concerned that I'm pregnant? (I say concerned because I'm only 21... ) The last time that I had sex was on the 11th or 12th of last month; I am not on the pill and we don't use condoms, just the "withdrawal method". We've only ever had one other scare in the past and I miscarried really, really early... back in March.

Any thoughts on this would be appreciated.