Hello, I'm concerned with this prolonged spotting problem of mine. I had my period sometime in the second or third week of April, but a week or two ago I've been experiencing brown vaginal discharge that started very light and slowly progressed to a medium flow before receding to a light spotting again. At the moment it continues to stay light, however I'm assuming it will continue until god-knows-when.

I've delved into some research like WebMD and other sites, and learned that it could be from a number of causes such as lifestyle in diet/exercise, late periods, infections, etc. I'm not really up to seeing a doctor myself because it's embarrassing and I have a nosy mother whom I do not feel comfortable sharing these problems with.

I'm 18 and 5'0" but reasonably athletic. I avoid fast and junk food, and participate in exercise such as tae kwon do (I recently took up jogging/running). I have good hygiene and have had normal periods (although there is the occasional late period), but I've never had a spotting session that has been prolonged to such an extended amount of time. I, uh... I'm also a bit of a sex fiend, so I tend to masturbate a lot using a vibrator, but I always clean it before and after with a baby wipe. I don't engage in intercourse with other people.

I'm aware that there are other spotting threads in this sub-forum, however everyone's problem is their own and sometimes cannot be related to one's own problem.