I am the mother of three beautiful boys, my youngest is soon to be two years old. Up until about two months ago everything has been working properly normal periods everything comes on time etc. For the past month or so I've been having brown spotting a week of so before my period comes which never happened before, and I though well that's odd but I didn't have other symptoms so I didn't worry about it. Well now I have been cramping randomly and have brown spotting but period! I have taken a couple of pregnancy tests so I know that I am not pregnant. No itch not burn so pretty sure it isn't a UTI. Now I am cramping daily, it feels like my period is imminent but nothing happens. Sometimes the cramps are so bad they hurt all the way into my back for hours kind of like a kidney stone but no flank pain?I have also had diarrhea for the past few days. I cannot figure out what is going on. I am trying to get an idea before I schedule a dr's appt but I am not sure whether to see my gyno, gastrologist, or a urologist. I have terrible insurance so I would like to have a good idea where to go before I just get bounced place to place. Thanks!