My nipples are actually inverted but for over a week now they have been out and getting hard and very sore. I'm not sure when my period is coming because January 28th I started to take birth control pills which messed up my cycle because I usually get my period around the 28th for about 3-4 days but I didn't get a period for January and from February 1-20th I was having sex but taking the birth control pills I never took them on time and I also missed some pills and by February 16th or 17th I stopped taking the birth control pills because that whole time my period kept coming and going and I was spotting sometimes my period would stop for a few hours or a day and come right back this happened from the 4-20th. The 16th or 17th I did have unprotected sex as well.

Is there a chance I'm pregnant I have taken home pregnancy test and all have been negative but I have yet to get a period and my inverted nipples are out and very sore. I'm not sure what's going on. With all the negative pregnancy test is there still a chance I could be pregnant? Is it to early to be testing? I keep getting cramps like my period is coming that has been going on since last week as well but nothing just cramps and very sore nipples.