About three weeks ago I found two sore, itchy bumps down there. One is right on my vagina entrance the other toward the top near my ****. I went to my gyno, and was tested for herpes and syphilis, given a prescription for Cipro and sent home. Tests were negative for both and all the nurse had to say was it's normal flora. Last night I found that I have another sore on my vagina lip. It's close to the hair, but not in the hair. Seems like the antibiotic didn't do anything. The one closest to my vagina opening isn't a sore anymore just itchy. The one at the top bleeds sometimes, and the new one is just really raw and sore. Usually only hurts when I wipe, and no pain during urination. They kind of look like pimples.

Hoping somebody can give me some answers, I can't afford to make another trip to the gyno right now. I don't have insurance and it cost about $200 last time.