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    Sep 13, 2005, 11:54 AM
    Sex during Pregnancy
    I was told during my last pregnancy that I shouldn't have sex. I ended up having a miscarriage and they told me that having sex was probably a reason. How long should I wait before I can have sex again? I am only a month along, but that's how far I was last time. If we take it easy, is that safe? Or should we wait until after the first trimester?
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    Sep 13, 2005, 01:28 PM
    ? High Risk
    Most physicians request High Risk pregnancies to abstain from sex, rec'v your MD's approval because I do not know your medical history. In normal cases sex is permitted; however, in High Risk situations, it must be avoided. The mind may say, we will take it slow and easy; however, in the midst of passion what was previously thought is not carried through. That is the danger with fire, it spreads out of control, it can not be contained. If this pregnancy means anything to you, suggest alternate means of relief for your beloved. Sex is an activity generated in the mind; therefore, redirect this energy... connect on a deeper intimate level, which does not solely depend on the physical manifestation of intercourse. Courtship... holding hands, gazing into the soul (eyes are the window to the soul); communication... head & shoulder exploration, the art of touch and playful nibbling. You may not be able to engage in sexual intercourse during this pregnancy; however, you are more sensually creative than you may think. Your beloved will enjoy this creative side, as long as, you do not loose confidence. Think about it for a moment, the chase is more exciting than the actual catch. You can keep him interested, satisfied, and content on waiting if you guard your words and attitude. Stay loving or become loving if this was not your previous position. Do not risk your pregnancy engaging in premature sex. The wait can be a wonderful experience if neither of you loose focus, forgetting what is at stake. There are several ways to approach this time, maximize it... let the goal birth a closeness in your relationship... see that as the end goal versus inability to have intercourse. That would be quite superficial in light of the whole picture.

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