So after the year it's been since I started my period, I have finally found what it is preventing me from using tampons. I did some research and found the problem is that I have a septate hymen. It's apparently not a big deal, minor surgery can be done to remove it. My problem is that I'm going on a huge vacation- to Belize- on Saturday (2 days from now) and I started my period yesterday. I don't want to miss out on any fun because I can only wear pads, so I'd like to be able to insert a tampon by then (although I'm praying my period will be over by the time I get to the beach- it's still quite unpredictable). I have heard of women snipping their own septate hymens, and have also read that it isn't painful at all. However, I want to know if there are any medical repercussions if I were to do this.
Does it really hurt?
Could I get infected?
I really don't want to see a gyno because I have heard horror stories from my friends ( I know it sounds immature) and I would prefer to just get it over with myself.
Does anyone know anything about this issue?