Hello Help Desk, I am a 17 year old female and I am really worried about how sensitive and sore the opening of my vagina is. I haven't had sex since the end of July last year till about 2 weeks ago which was the middle of January but it was protected sex (or so I thought so)... I got tested a week or so before my last intercourse and they never called back which is good but this morning I woke up late for school, so I kind of had to take a bird bath and was in a rush. I lathered some soap on my wash rag and water of course and cleaned my vagina. Now its sore and very sensitive/raw and it feels like I have to pee all the time. When I do, a little bit only comes out. I'm wondering whether my last partner slipped the condom off during sex and his already ejaculated semen still on his penis is what is bothering the opening of my vagina.-----OR-----it can be because I scrubbed that area harder than I should have since I was in a hurry... when I came home from school today to check it out, There were white tissuey spots in and around the opening of my vagina but they didn't have an odor. My period should be in about a week too... CAN U TELL ME WHAT THIS IS? I KEEP Looking AT IT & IM FREAKING MYSELF OUT B/C I THINK IM SEEING THINGS LIKE MY VEIN, I THOUGHT IT WAS A WART! This is serious for me. Your help will be greatly appreciated :) Gracias!