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    Apr 23, 2007, 12:28 PM
    Red bump-white bump in labia minora
    Hi all,

    I've surfed through this site trying to find a solution, but haven't come across one, so I hope you can help me. Every few months I get a small pin-prick sized red raised dot on the outside of my right labia minora. It's mostly benign in feeling, but occasionally feels irritated.

    In trying to have oral sex with my partner recently, I felt very irritated in my vulva, so he took a look, and when stretching out my labia majora a bit, he saw a flash of white in the gap between the minora and majora, and saw it is a small white bump under my skin that becomes whiter when the skin is pulled back. It's a few millimeters away from the raised red dot. He noticed a pore on one end, and so squeezed it a bit, which hurt like hell. Lots of pus came out, and it got smaller, but a few hours later, it was back to the same size. We took a magnifying glass and flashlight to it yesterday to see if it was a stray hair (though in a normally hairless spot), but couldn't find anything.

    The level of irritation is such that sex isn't pleasurable at all now. I don't have health insurance, so I've been putting off seeing a doctor, especially when I suspect they'll chalk it up to herpes, though I've had occasional herpes outbreaks, and this isn't them. Any thoughts on what it might be?

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    Apr 24, 2007, 10:26 AM
    This very well could be a herpes breakout. Only a doctor's examination can tell you for sure.
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    Aug 13, 2007, 11:47 AM
    If you don't have health insurance, go to the local health department, they can help you there. Explain your situation and have them direct you to a health clinic. You might have something else besides herpes, it could be a wart. Be careful, stop oral sex and use a condom with your boyfriend. You don't want to infect him, do you? 'm glad he is trying to help. But, only a doctor can treat you. You may also try to borrow money from a relative, close friend or a small loan from a finance company. Maybe sell something valuable, pawn something. Use the money to see a doctor. A nurse practitioner may also diagnose. When our health is in jeopardy, we must take care of it somehow or the other. Good luck. God bless you!
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    Aug 3, 2012, 03:09 AM
    What did your other outbreaks concist of?
    And has your boyfriend caught it yet?

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