I have been suffereing with recurrent BV for the past 6 months. I have had two separate treatments with the antibiotic metrodinazole (sp) - one treatment was for 1 week. The second treatment was for 2 full weeks. During treatment, the symptoms go away but they come right back within weeks of finishing the pills. I don't think that antibiotics are going to work for me and I've tried some natural remedies that seem to help for awhile, but the BV eventually returns.

Does anyone know of anything that actually works to get rid of BV for good? I'm not interested in a 'miracle cure' off the internet unless someone can actually recommend that it worked for her.

I know that so many women suffer from BV but it remains to be a topic that isn't commonly discussed. The first time I even heard of BV was when I was diagnosed! The symptoms (vaginal discharge and fishy odor) are embarrassing but I'd like to be open with other women and figure out what helps others!