So My period isn't supposed to be until Monday, oct. 29. Well, I am going up north this weekend and our whole extended family goes on many hour long hikes, some lasting 12 hours (all day)
We're up in the woods, no bathrooms anywhere, and we always say to go before we leave, because otherwise you'll have to do the deed in the woods :)
Well, I'm leaving Thursday and I can already feel it coming early! My breasts hurt and I have cramps, I'd say I'll get it tomorrow or Wednesday. I'm freaking out! I cannot have a period on this vacation, I have a heavy flow and I change my tampons every 2-3 hours in the beginning, which is not possible with a group of guys on a 12 hour hike with no bathrooms! This is seriously an emergency, so here's my question: Is there anyway to prevent my period or make it lighter? I know models don't get there's because they don't eat enough, so if I don't eat much, will that stop it? I don't care what it takes anymore, even if it's unhealthy (please no lectures I'm usually a health nut) but this is major! Can anyone help me or have any suggestions?? Thanks sooo much!