Hi, okay so I'm going to just get straight down to it.
I had a drunk mishap on Friday 21st of July, by the 25th I started feeling sensitivity and somewhat discomfort down there accompanied by a thick white milky discharge which has me changing my underwear at least 4 times a day due to the wetnes and felt extremely fatigued, also been more hungry lately, whereas I usually have almost no appetite, then about 2 days ago my breasts started feeling super sensitive, so sensitive that even the slightest bounce hurts.
Today I felt cramps in my lower abdomen which felt like mild period cramps, didn't last long though.
My period is only due by the 14th of August.
I am too afraid to take a test or tell someone because my family will most likely freak out. I might be 21 but I am a daddy's girl, and I do not have my driver's license yet so I have to fully rely on my parents to take me to the pharmacy.

Please help people? Could I be pregnant from just the tip?