I have had my menstrual cycle to occur almost every 28 days, then around every 25 days, now it has gone to the 20th day. My last cycle started around 25 days, but Friday my cycle started again. I saw my OB one week after my last cycle which was the 30th of April. He told me that I was ovaluating and should have my period around 2 to 3 weeks from then. I just got it again 20 days later. I am 33 years old.

Has anyone had this problem before? Also, I had some minor pain on the left side that came and went. I've also told him about this too. The pain did not stay very long, felt like a burning pain for a few seconds then left. I had an ectopic pregnant back last fall on the same side. They saw earlier a cyst. But when I saw him a few weeks ago, he checked and there was nothing.

My questions:

Has anyone had this experience before?
Can a cyst or something get inflammed during a cycle and then die off afterwards?
Any advice?