My period is like clock work it comes every 10th or 13th every month. Well this month it decided to show up 2weeks sooner than normal. Only thang is that it was very very light, and lasted about 4 days. I thought with it being as light as it was I would end up getting my normal period. Well to my surprise it came, but was like this light pink color that had the texture of egg whites(slime). That lasted about 3 days.
Im now going on a week past my normal start date, and have noticed that I've been getting horrable gas. Not only that I've also been having to pee a lot more recently. I read how if your pregnant. You get mood swings, and are sleepy a lot more than normal. I rely haven't felt moody or sleepy, buy I notice that I start crying when I get happy about anythang. This has never happened to me before so I don't no how to take it. Know you problye wondering about my sex life and birth control methods. Well here goes. Ive never been on any kind of birth controle. Recently started having sex with my boyfriend. We use the withdrawl method. We have been sleeping with each other for the past two months. Would say 4-5 times a week. I took 2 pregnancy tests, but both say negative. So what should I do from this point?