Hi people, I need your help!
My period came on time this month but strangely, the period blood only comes out when I pee. The blood that flows out is red and thick like normal period blood. But, the problem is usually, I have heavy flow on day 2 and 3. But this time, the blood does not flow out much on my sanitary pad but quite a heavy flow only when I pee. This period is also shortened to 4 days instead of the normal 7 days I have. Is this normal and could it be implantation bleeding? I had just ended my exams one week ago too so could this be due to stress? I've tried googling this and can't get much result. Hope you girls can help me with this question as I'm quite worried. And also I've read perhaps it can be UTI but I don't think it's the case for me because I don't feel the urge to pee often. Thanks for uour help!