Hello, The first day of my last period was 5/22/2010 and it lasted for 5 days. Since then I have not seen a period. I have taken at best 15 home pregnancy test of various brands and they have all come back negative. I even went the length of going to the local health department to have two pregnancy test and they were both negative as well. I'm sure I need to consult a physician, but I have not. I am soon to be 27 in less than two weeks and I have been on birth control pills since a month after my 16th birthday and my period was always regular. However, I stopped taking my birth control pills after all of my April (2010) pills were gone. So considering that, can someone please help me understand what may possibly going on. Also my fiance' and I are interested in having a baby and would like to start trying to do so right away, so my next question is... can I still get pregnant considering I have not had a period in the last 4 months? Please help if you can.